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Kip's Story

"I think I watched Rudy Ruettiger to many times growing up."

Many people know me by Kidd Russell but I'm all grownz up. I'm now releasing music under my real name Kip Patrick Russell. I think it's more authentic to the music I'm making today.

I've been quiet for a little while. During that time I got married. I fell in love with my wife at first site. Ya kinda like the movies. I've always believed in happy endings so I tend to write music that's hopeful, about everyday life, and being grateful for what I have. GOD woke me up this morning so I try to fall in love with my life everyday and teach people how they can live in the Sweet Spot of Life.

What is the Sweet Spot? For me it's having the freedom to spend my life with the people I love, when I want, and where I want. That comes from building a life around my passions. I've had a few mentors in the music business but mostly people never extended a helping hand. That's why I got out of my way to give out free information and talk to artists around the world.

I also just had a daughter Riley. Being a dad has changed my life but it was a long road to get her here. I wrote a song about about my wife and I's struggle to conceive. It's entitled "every month she cries" and is feature on my new album.

My story is one of perseverance. You may have just heard about me but I've been making music professionally since 2005. Just go to youtube or google.

I used to free style on the roof tops with professional wrestler Colt Cabana while in high school. Colt encouraged me to purse my music career & even booked my first show at a wrestling/rap concert in Cleveland, OH.

Self releasing, promoting and managing my own career I've released 2 successful Indie albums Untied & backyard heroes. Songs from these albums have been placed on 50+ TV shows & video games.

Sonja Norwood (Brandy, Ray J, Mase) mother/manager called Kip after seeing his video for Rush Rock Remix. While she didn’t end up managing him her advice to reach out to Cisco Adler (Shwayze, G Love, Matisyahu, Gnash, Modsun, Cody Simpson) changed his career.

Cisco after being impressed with Kip’s raw talent and incredible hustle signed Kip and released several singles with Cisco through his bananabeat imprint. One of those singles “Pulaski Day” received nationwide press.

Cisco and I teamed up again to create the first 5 songs off my new album “The Sweet Spot of Life” released November 6, 2017. I also teamed up with upcoming wiz-kid producer Nic Bavetta to complete the remaining 6 songs on the album.

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